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Building Your Meta:

As kids, few games were ever enough out of the box. Even for legendary titles like Halo and Mario Cart, it didn’t matter — we were going to build our own meta.

Before long, every day after school was spent online in private Halo 3 lobbies building custom “infection” maps and running from “MacDaddy369” playing the role of zero-gravity-zombie Master Chief with an energy sword…still awesome.

Our imaginations would run wild. We’d spend hours each week working together to tweak settings, build new maps, and add rules that would either nerf exploits or completely alter the dynamic of the game. 

Today, this is commonly referred to as metagaming. Made popular by the role-playing board game communities, metagaming is now a staple in online esports and gaming communities. 

Our mission is to help others build their own meta to share and enjoy with their community! 

Check out how the PNW Rocket League and Sim Gents have been able to build their meta through our services

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We are proud to serve the gaming community with creative constructs outside of traditional gameplay. 

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