Is Madden 21 the game of the year?

In a year filled with uncertainty and peril, Madden 21 aims to bring us together

2020 has brought not only the country, but the entire world to a screeching halt. We all have had to learn to live with different guidelines in this new way of life. Masks are no longer a Halloween or robbing a bank only sorta thing. Gender reveal parties are now held to the same level of respect as the name Karen. And I know one day I’ll be telling my grandchildren about how I lived through the greatest Toilet Paper shortage in modern history.

With new perspectives on what’s important, sports fell by the wayside. March missed its madness, the NBA went on a hiatus, and the only thing you could find on ESPN was professional cornhole.

I was beginning to lose hope. It felt like society was ripping at the seams and I wasn’t sure how much longer we could hold on. The world started to feel like it was crumbling beneath our feet when suddenly, something amazing happened. EA released their always anticipated annual NFL football simulator. Madden NFL 21.

Now, I’m not gonna lie to you. The game isn’t good. Quite frankly, it might be worse than last years. The absolute disregard for the fan favorite ’Franchise Mode’ is atrocious and should be a crime against humanity. They have quite literally copy and pasted their way through Franchise Mode all while taking out key components for the past 5 years. The loading times between screens in MUT are abysmal. Not to mention the loot boxe-I’m sorry, ‘Surprise Mechanics’ of the cards in the game essentially make it pay to win. And with the addition of The Yard this year, micro transactions are at an all time high.

But before opening weekend was over, I felt a static charge in the air. It was as if millions of gamers all at once had stood up and said that they’ve had enough. EA had pushed too far on this one and the Madden community wasn’t going to stand for it.

#NFLdropEA started trending immediately. Followed quickly by #FixMaddenFranchise and dozens more. Each with video after screenshot after meme bashing the garbage that EA shoveled out.

In response to the outcry, EA has stated that they are planning to add a few minor elements to Franchise Mode.

It’s not enough.

And that right there is the whole point of this article boys. Madden 21 has potential to be not only Game of the Year, but Game of the Decade. Not by being great, but by being the hill we die on. We have a chance to turn the tides of where the Madden franchise is headed. Madden 21 has shown all of us that if we band together, change is possible. And now is not the time to let off the gas. This is a war gentlemen. A call to arms. The suits have taken a stranglehold on a game we all once loved and I for one, am not going to stand idle and watch them pave over paradise to put up a parking lot.

Join me on the battlefield. Let’s take back control and turn Madden back into the game we used to know. Go after their pockets (NFL). Fight dirty. Do what you must. But whatever you do, don’t give up. Remember this Madden for what it should be. The title that turned the tides.

-The Gork Report

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