Schedule Season One

9 Week Regular Season Play

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Rosters Season One


Team 1

Try Hard Productions

  1. Sheptastiic
  2. Kfeddy
  3. Granwe06
  4. Jurudes

Team 2

Suspect Gaming

  2. Wrecktangle
  3. LiLUzIJaCcUzI

Team 3


  1. HoekiePokie
  2. Cupboard
  3. Gary Steeze
  4. Giant Dad

Team 4


  1. Freakyfreeze
  2. Explosive bunny
  3. Fredalot
  4. TheDarkKnight

Team 5

Mid Air Antics

  1. Otter Space
  2. Cincy Reaper17
  3. Mukky B
  4. Hungryhippo
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Team 6

The Misfits

  1. Redbaron
  2. Shogun
  3. xxDK34xx

Team 7


  1. keel
  2. ox
  3. MrKookieMonsta
  4. BeardMan

Team 8


  1. Flask
  2. Ranger
  3. Mick
  4. Ariss

Team 9

Zero Impact

  1. Meksend0
  2. Darkblitz24
  3. Babylub
  4. Khaokg

Team 10

Ball Chasing Dogs

  1. Qrouton
  2. Krumpets
  3. Henrizzle
  4. Quesma

Rules Season One

Terms of Engagement

Team Buy-In:


Payout Structure:

1st: $180 cold hard cash
2nd: $60 with the remaining funds reinvested into the league and players


Finalized 4 man roster due before the first week of the season. 4th man (Sub) is locked in for the remainder of the season. Only roster movement allowed is before the season begins and during the trade window.(two-week mid-season all-star event) Minimum two players from the original roster must remain throughout the season.


-Teams of up to 4 (minimum 3) consist of 3 players and a sub.
-All games must be played before 11:59 PM Sundays.
-Regular season matches are best of 5 with all scores reported by both teams’ captains.
-No professional players.
-Standard Game Mode ( 5 Minute Matches, Regular Gravity, ETC)



Score reporting:

One player from each team screenshot the scoreboard at the end of each game and post in the stats text channel on discord.



Home teams will host the match. Pending connectivity, captains can rehost if both captains agree.


Between Games in a Match, Teams may request that the Match be re-hosted on the same server region due to connection issues. During a Main Event, before either (a) a goal has been scored or (b) Sixty (60) seconds have elapsed (whichever is sooner), A team can request to cancel the current Game of the Match and re-host the Match. If both teams mutually agree, a game can be rehosted regardless of the terms set above.


Players may not join their designated side until three Players from each Team have joined the Game. In Main Event matches, Players may not join their designated side until 3 players from each team have been accounted for and the captains agree to begin the game.

All Teams must have three Players physically present or in the online Match lobby by the designated Match start time. Teams that do not have three Players ready to play after five (5) minutes of the Match start time are subject to penalties including a possible Match forfeiture. During Main Event matches, the Team Captain must be responsive in the designated chat room at least ten (10) minutes prior to the designated Match start time. Match start times may be adjusted by approval from both team captains as long as matches are completed by 11:59 Sunday.


Series best of 5. Seeding by Record. Loser bracket play in (basic double elimination)
Finals (losers and winners bracket: Best of 7.


Best Record; Updated Weekly


Randomized Map Sets. Sets of 5, Each team plays the same map set for the week.

Playoffs: Higher seeds can choose a map.
● Aquadome
● Champions Field
● Champions Field (Day)
● DFH Stadium (Day)
● DFH Stadium
● DFH Stadium (Stormy)
● Forbidden Temple (Standard)
● Mannfield
● Mannfield (Night)
● Mannfield (Snowy)
● Mannfield (Stormy)
● Neo Tokyo
● Salty Shores (Day)
● Salty Shores (Night)
● Starbase ARC
● Urban Central
● Urban Central (Dawn)
● Urban Central (Night)
● Utopia Coliseum
● Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)
● Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)
● Wasteland
● Wasteland (Night)