The Miami Dolphins – An Existential Question

As I am sat here in my office chair I am doing as one ought to do under these circumstances – pondering life’s great ponderances. Why are we here? Are we alone in the universe? Is love a real thing? How is it possible that the Miami Dolphins can be both the greatest NFL team ever assembled as well as last in the AFC East?

“Wait.” You may be saying to yourself. “What was that last one?” No, you don’t need to get a pair of reading glasses you read that perfectly well. Coming into their game against the 3-3 Los Angeles Chargers the 2-4 Miami Dolphins were sitting in last place in the AFC East. Rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa had been named started in week one and through his six games had thrown nine touchdowns and six interceptions.

What had Miami been doing well? Defense defense defense. The secondary especially for the Dolphins has held up very well during the season. Tua and the receivers were connecting well and building chemistry as well, and doing about as well as you could expect from a rookie QB on a team that was in a position to select 5th overall in the 2020 draft.

The game against the Chargers started out well, with the Dolphins scoring a running touchdown on the first drive of the game. After converting the PAT and sending the ball back down the other way the Dolphins shut down the Chargers and forced a three and out for Herbert, who would have an abysmal first half against the Miami defense. On their second trip down the field Tua threw a short pass from within the ten yard line to get touchdown number ten on the season for him.

Going into half-time the Dolphins had a 21 point cushion, but the Chargers were not done. They quickly rallied back and scored early in the 3rd quarter, then with a strong defensive showing which included a sacking of Tua they got the ball back not once but twice and with a magical deep ball throw from Herbert for more than eighty yards the Chargers were able to bring the game even with twenty seconds to go in the game.

Tua responded with a deep throw of his own, and the Dolphins set up on the 35 yard line to try and get the go ahead field goal. Jason Sanders, who had missed a similar length field goal earlier in the contest was able to put the ball through the uprights with two seconds to spare and the Dolphins came out with the 24-21 win and a season record of 3-4.

Regardless of their heroics in this game, both in the ability to come out and open up a quick lead and then rally back against opposition to pull out a clutch win, the Dolphins remain in last place for the AFC East with little hope to crawl out of their position in the divisional standings.