The Money Play Podcast

The Money Play: An Introduction

It’s The Money Play!

First of all, I feel it’s only right to assume that most of you reading this have probably never listened to our show – fair. Consider this your invitation, but first, let me sell you on our journey.

A bit of backstory:

It was my first year putting on the pads. It was a hot summer’s day and I was crazy nervous to try my hand at TACKLE football. I’d been running circles around kids for years on the playground, but I knew this was going to be something different. Even with that feeling in my stomach telling me I was on to something, I could have never imagined what this game of football would give me in the coming years.

Setting aside the broken bones, ligament damage, and the staggering amount of brain numbing collisions (please forgive any grammar or spelling errors) – the game ultimately became the fundamental fabric of my life. I know I’m not unique in this, but it’s really a wild thing to imagine my life today without ANY of the people that I met through football (be it virtual or reality). If I had never signed up to tote the rock for the Clark County Youth Football League Cardinals at age 11, I would have likely never had the opportunity to get to become friends with now Co-Host of The Money Play Brandon Ulestad.

Football was my first love when I got old enough to leave the shire. I say that without hesitation, and I often look back on my playing days fondly. The game gave me so much more than I could have ever imagined. An escape when the “world outside” became too much. An outlet when I just needed to be myself. A support system of coaches and brothers that empowered me to chase my full potential, and we were doing it together. Football has an element of teamwork and camaraderie unrivaled by any other major sport. For that reason, it’s the greatest game on Earth.

Fast forward 17 years…

Football has provided me a platform to grow and learn through a lifetime of experiences and lessons that will stick with me ’til the end of my days, but the greatest gift I’ve received from football has without a doubt been the community and the relationships that come with it.

17 years ago I first stepped on the football field where I met #42 Brandon Ulestad. His dad was head coach, and to this day, they remain two of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Exceptional character and not only a willingness, but an eagerness to serve others before themselves. A rare trait at best in my 28 years of navigating the human experience. See, I was the kid that was usually waiting for a ride home. While the other kids were likely at home eating dinner, I was sitting by a tree watching the sun get low and wondering where my folks were. Not to say my parents were bad parents, they did their best, but it didn’t take Coach Doug long to notice that I was that kid. I’ll never take for granted the rides home in the back of that suburban watching Coach and Brandon recite every line to Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out” album. I could go on and on about the kindness Brandon’s family extended to me as a boy and the kindness they continue to extend to me as a young man, but I’ll save that for my tell all I publish when I’m 50.

Brandon is now slated to be wed PENDING COVID-19 (sorry ladies and gents all the good ones are spoken for), and here we are, running our mouths on a podcast and building a website together – living the dream. 15 year old us would be so damn proud.

What’s the fookin’ show about?

To be frank, the central theme of the show is bullshittin’ and having a good time. We aim to provide quality discussion on topics such as the NFL, XFL, fantasy football, and this wild west of e-sports and simulation sports, as seen on Bovada. Of course, thanks to all the concussions, we barely stay on topic and can’t hardly help ourselves when the Pop Culture news is just too juicy. We’re a couple of buds who started a podcast in hopes of bringing a little laughter into a world that has become all too serious by our standards.

Neat, what’s next?

For our next act, we’re going to keep the show moving right along. We have a major production in the works and we’re looking for people to join forces with us and make this thing a reality! Get in touch if you think you’re good at what you do or you want to get better at what you do with a community that supports you.

Closing Statement:

We do our best to keep things light. Our impromptu style with a raw (lightly edited) comedic tone is sure to ruffle some feathers somewhere out there. It is never our intent to be malicious or bring any legitimate harm to individuals out there. We do crack jokes, we laugh and we listen. That said, the world is going soft. Language is subjective. We don’t negotiate with assholes. Context over content. We’re going to do our best to make folks laugh and keep them entertained the best way we know how! One love!

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